Thanks Moffat because of you i will never sleep agian

  • i rewacthed the time of the doctor and it is so amazing and i picked up new Easter eggs i missed when i watched it on Christmas and cried as my hearts broke when Matt took off his bow tie but then i saw the ultimate nightmare again a dalek-silence so thanks Moffat because of you i didn't sleep last night... do you know how scary a dalek-silence is, try to run away to hide and make a plan and you will forget you saw the encounter and then your exterminated there is no way out of this and on top of that they are already dead and cant be killed so ya i'm dead and will never sleep so thanks again Moffat for the ultimate killing machine the silence-daleks

Peter Davison days until doctor who season Paul mcgain and Peter Capaldi has his first full episode as new doctor
Fun fact Peter DAVISON is David TENNETT’s Father IN LAW Peter Davison’s daughter is Georgia (MOFFAT) Tennett and she played jenny in the doctors daughter with her husband David Tennett and together they have a son named WILFRED could this get anymore WIBBLEY WOBBLY TIMEY WIMEY

Jenny Flint is the doctors daughter

don’t believe me well think about this she lives in the 19th century but her knowledge is way more advanced then that she befriended Strax who is a sentaren from a warior clone race, most peaple would think Strax is born to fight and after his nursing duiteys ended would go back to his warrior self but jenny knows beter since she is the same she was born to be warrior just as Strax but learned that killing wasn’t the only option she knew she could follow in her fathers footsteps and change strax for the beter. another reason she is jenny is that she was never afriad that madam vastra was a lizzard and she even maried her (yes this could have hapend if wasnt a time lord but its more likely since if she was born in the time herheadwould be full or ideas that it as the work f the devil) also the doctor chose her of everyone in all of time and space to stay with during his depression after the ponds which means either the tardis knew so picked that time or the doctor sensed time time lord in her and knew all along. jenny also has acesses to time travel as well as stops alians and saves the earth for a living (sound a little like her dad) the counter aguments of why she couldn’t be the doctors daughter arn’t soild for instance if you think she cant regenerate, she can she is a time lord and you saw the regeneration energy come out of her the only reason she didn’t change faces is that just like ten was able to grow a hand because he was within the first 42 hours of the regeneration cycle she was able to heal internally since she was not even a day old. therefore my theory still stands jenny flint is the doctors daughter